Standard Equipment & Components

TechniPure SR and TechniPure MR Filter Housings

Techniserv offers the TechniPure SR (single round) and MR (multi round) filter housings for a variety of high purity processing equipment in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. These filter housings are based on the industry standard Code 7 base (226 o-rings) design. They are offered in single round and ASME code stamped multi round variations. They accept code 7 filters in 5” through 30” length.
Filter Housings Data Sheet

TechniPure SV Sample Valves

Techniserv TechniPure SV sample valves are designed to be utilized in a variety of high purity equipment. The Techniserv sample valve can be used as a POU sample valve or vent valve.

Sample Valve Data Sheet 

TechniPure AG

Techniserv TechniPure AG agitation systems are offered in support of bioreactor and fermentor equipment from laboratory through production scale. Techniserv agitators feature a double mechanical seal and high efficiency axial or high shear radial impellers.

Agitation Data sheet


TechniPure VH

Techniserv offers the TechniPure VH bioreactor and fermentor exhaust vent heaters to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Heating the exhaust gas raises its dew point, minimizing the potential for condensate blocking of the sterile vent filter.

Vent Heater Data sheet